Workforce Training


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Adorian Learning is pleased offer job readiness training for our workforce development clients. We offer
this level and type of training to provide retooling and sharping of job skills for clients as they prepare to
re-enter the job market. The workplace training that we provide our clients addresses the skills and workplace
competencies needed in today’s modern workplace. Please note that we provide other training that is geared to
specific industries, so please check our full course catalog which includes more that 4,000 courses covering a
number of different industries, that each require a varying level skills and training requirements.

Workplace Training Courses Include:

• Computer Basics
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Excel
• Typing Skills
• Using Internet – Email
• Personal Finance & Banking
• Personal Tax
• Employee Benefits
• Workplace Safety

For additional information on the Adorain Learning and development services that we provide please call us at
702-203-6031 or e-mail us