Non-Profit Organizations

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Adorian Learning is pleased offer the following non-profit management courses that cover the following topics include ethics
and values, non-profit governance and leadership, organization and management, non-profit law, non-profit human resources,
non-profit economics and finance, financial management and accountability, information technology and management, fundraising
and development, non-profit marketing, voluntary action and philanthropy, and assessment, evaluation, and decision-making.
The Core Courses will be delivered in a blended learning experience with traditional face-to-face classroom instruction, field
experience, guest speakers, and individual assignments including reading, research, and online work. Additional optional
Advanced Courses may from time to time be offered to supplement the core courses that we offer. Most of our courses are taught
in a small group setting that allows for the participants to share their knowledge, experience and best practices. Our foremost
goal in providing training is to help strengthen and empower the non-profit sector in providing relevant and useful training and

  • How to Start a Non-Profit Business
  • Understanding Social Causation
  • Non Profit Business Management
  • Donor Relationship Management
  • Ethics in Non-Profit Governance
  • Responsible Fundraising
  • Non-Profit Technologies
  • Strong Financial Oversight
  • Legal Compliance & Public Disclosure

For additional information on Adorian Learning non-profit training courses please call us at 702-203-6031 or e-mail us