Diversity & Inclusion

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Cultivating Inclusive Environments – A Winning Organizational Strategy

Organization that cultivate inclusive environments have to be prepare executives and staff on all aspects regarding what it means to be inclusive. The organization must adopt and live a set of values that place human relationships at the center of business. Adorian Learning is in the business helping corporations and organizations with Diversity and Inclusion training through it’s Talent Management global services. The journey begins with conscious efforts to step outside one’s comfort zone.

Human Resources is an evolving and dynamic field that challenges the ability of even the most seasoned professionals to keep abreast of policies, procedures, compliance requirements, and best practices. Awareness training provides business and organizations the most current and up to date training on these critical issues. The Awareness training provided by Adorian Learning  covers the essentially knowledge that business and organizations need to meet regulatory and compliance guidelines. Adorian will provide this critical training for business or organizations either in a classroom setting, online and / or offsite venues:  American with Disabilities (ADA)

  •     Diversity and Inclusion
  •     Sexual Harassment
  •     Violence in Workplace
  •     Generational Differences
  •     Work and Home Balance
  •     Health and Wellness Training

For further details on Adorian Learning services and how we help companies and organizations with awareness training, please call or offices at 702-203-6031 or e-mail at terry@adorianlearning.com