Enterprise Mobility

                                         Extending the Reach of Training Enterprise Wide

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Mobile Learning solutions are significantly expanding how organizations train their employees,contractors,customers,
and partners by allowing users to access content from anywhere, anytime more easily. Using a wide range of mobile
computing platforms–from mobile phones, such as iPhone, Blackberrys and Google Android phones, to tablet computers,
such as Apple’s iPad, this new innovation in learning enabling more dynamic access to learning while still allowing
administrators and developers to repurpose and use existing learning content – giving organizations consistency and
flexibility. Whether providing certification-based or informal training, organizations that invest in this new and
powerful technology can expect to achieve numerous benefits:

Reach workers or affiliates who do not have easy access to
computers – such as in retail or shop floor environments
■ Provide direct training for individuals who are in remote
locations without easy access to internet connections
– such as oil rig workers or field personnel or frequent
travelers who want access while in-flight
■ Enable customers and partners easy access to training
materials to extend learning outside of organization
■ Leverage existing learning content for varying audiences to
reduce administration costs
■ Access centralized reporting on all learning delivered (both
mobile and computer-based) from within same infrastructure.

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