Board of Advisors

Terry Williams, President of the Board Advisors

Mr. Williams is recognized by many as a “Christian Business Leader” with a global prospective. Mr.Williams has traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia to places such as China, India, Hong Kong, Viet Nam, Singapore and recently in the middle east countries of Jordan, Israel and Dubai. Professional Mr. Williams is the CEO of Adorian Corporation, and he serves as a Strategic Adviser as his central role on the executive management team. Adorian Corporation, is a strategic business advisory firm that provides business advisory professional services to both corporate and global organizations worldwide in the areas of business advisory, private equity funding, global trade, talent management and training and development. Prior to the founding of Nehemiah Global Foundation, Mr.Williams, spent the past 30 years in the following industries: financial services, telecommunications, cable television and the technology as either a major contributor or business owner within the industries mentioned. Mr. Williams has been married to his wife, Linda, for 33 years, and has two children: Chris Williams, age 30, Rachel Williams age 26. Mr. Williams’ hobbies include global travel, reading, exercising, jazz concerts and quality time with his family and friends.

David Wright -V.P. / Board of Advisors / Social Media Marketing

Dave Wright, is outstanding Christian business leader in the fields of commercial real estate, telecommunications and interactive marketing. Dave has proven experience and operational excellence in business administration for both profit and non profit organizations. He has been involved in several non-profit organizations that have benefited greatly from his wisdom and knowledge.

Reggie Baker – Board of Advisors / Financial Management
Reggie Baker, CPA, CFO, COO has walked the halls of some the largest global business as one of the executive officers of the some the largest global concerns. Reggie brings an incredible financial and organizational executive and managerial strength to the board of directors. Reggie, is a licensed CPA in the State of Nevada. He has been credited with the turn-around success of many companies in recent years where his financial management skills have proven life or death to the respective company.

Derrick Berry – Board of Advisors / Banking Executive
Derrick Berry, is an outstanding commercial banker that works tireless with business and organizations in the Las Vegas area addressing the many and varied requested that he receives for funding and business banking needs. Derrick will be invaluable to the board because he will bring the richness of the financial services to strengthen Nehemiah Global Foundation cash management and micro finance lending practices and program development. Derrick is known to always go the extra mile to analysis his business clients needs and match the needs of the client to numerous banking services offered.

Kerry Day – Board of Advisors / Investment Banking Executive
We are very honored to have Mr. Day join our board of directors and executive team. Kerry has spent the past 25 years in the financial services as investment advisor on Wall Street. Mr. Day has had the responsibility for the financial management of investment portfolios that has been over $200 million under management. Mr. Day is known for his keen understanding of global investment markets. Mr. Day financial experience will be used in the investment of the donations to Nehemiah Global Foundation along with the program development and implementation of the microfinance lending and social investment portfolio management.

Brenda Thompson, MAOA – Board of Advisors – Human Resources Executive
Brenda Thompson is national recognized as one top leaders in Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion. She is excellent at leading top executives and organizations through change management. Brenda formerly worked at MGM Mirage where she pioneered the Diversity and Inclusion Champions programs which was developed and delivered corporate wide to more than 67,000 employees. Brenda has served in many executive capacities in the field of human resources. Her industry experiences has been in Healthcare, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Government and Non-Profit Sectors.

Stephanie Jackson, MA – Board of Advisors – Workforce Assessment Specialist
We are very pleased to have Stephanie Jackson join our board of advisors. Ms Jackson is a results-oriented and adaptive professional with more than 15 years of professional experience in workforce development consulting. Stephanie is very adept at quickly understanding organizational workforce development needs analysis and developing far reaching programs that address workforce development and talent management.. Stephanie brings over 15 years experience in organization and workforce assessments having worked with Fortune 500 client companies .

Edwin Nichols, MBA – Board of Advisors – Information Technology Solutions
Mr. Nichols bring more than 23 years of experience in technology management to our advisory board. he has worked most of career in consulting industry consulting Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Nichols has over 20 years of work experience in working with government agency such as Department of Defense and other non government sectors industries as major Investment banking firms.

Lane S. Garrett, P.E., C.E.M – Board of Advisors-Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems
Mr. Garrett Brings more than 40 years of engineering and renewable energy systems experience to our team. He is recognized as one of the nations leadings solar energy experts in the country. Mr. Garrett has filed patents on renewable energy products and mythologies that he has invented. He is a frequent lecturer for the Council on Sustainable Systems Development. He is well versed in all aspects of photovoltaic and renewable design. He has worked worldwide on projects that have implemented solar energy projects that bring water to areas of need. Lane will lead our training and development in renewable and solar energy courses that will be taught throughout career.

William Heck, Esq. Board of Advisors – Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems
Mr. Heck is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects development and implementation of renewable energy including geothermal, solar, wind, and biomass and conventional gas fired facilities. Bill has held several senior management job in the solar energy industry over the past ten years. He is experienced at permitting process and conducting full environmental assessments of private and federal sites. Bill will be responsible for review of financial Performa’s for the development of power generating plants. Bill, will be one of leading experts in the renewable energy courses for workforce development and the renewable energy industry.