Small Business


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The demands of day-to-day operations often mean that managers of small to medium enterprises don’t get around
to providing training & development programs while setting longer-term strategic objectives. By working with
Adorian Learning we provide solutions to your problems and establish clear objectives critical to business
growth and long term sustainability.

Training & Development:

• Management Development.
• Business Development.
• Strategic Planning.
• Human Resource Management.
• Leadership Development
• Sales & Marketing Management.

Performance Management:

Performance Management is explained as a complete management process to plan, control, gain agreement, customer
focus, monitor, review, career plan and to improve on the job performance. Within the scope of our services we
will develop a system, which enables businesses to apply the linkages and become competent in each of:

• Business planning;
• Setting of performance objectives,
• Performance based Job Descriptions;
• Employee Appraisals;
• Continuous Improvement.

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