Entended Enterprises

Parachute Team

Enterprise learning & education solutions for sales, customer, partner and external channel network
education & training or the development of custon training to an audience beyond traditional employees (sales,
customers, partners and external channel networks) is one of the fastest growing segments of the learning
industry, increasing at an annual pace better than 25% according to Bersin & Associates. These external
training initiatives may require the delivery of training, certification programs, and knowledge assets
to your organizations extended enterprise including:

• Sales Organizations
• Customers Base
• Partnerships and Alliances
• Suppliers / Vendors
• Channel and Distributor Networks
• Franchises/Franchisees
• Association Members
• Independent Agents
• Contractors or Volunteers

Many companies are successfully turning external employee, sales, customer, partner and channel network
education, knowledge management and training initiatives into profit centers using Adorian’s Extended
Enterprise training solution and e-Commerce capabilities.

We help organizations increase top-line revenue from more productive channels, reduce the cost to sell to
and service customers and channels, as well as increase brand awareness, product adoption, sales enablement
and loyalty. Adorian Learning can help your organization enhance information sharing with external
,audiences develop and rapidly deliver employee, sales, customer, partner, channel and external network
knowledge, education and training,increase customer satisfaction, improve the quality and convenience of
training and education, reduce training and delivery costs, increase revenues, reach large audiences at a
fixed cost, and improve adoption rates of new product features and upgrades.

Using Adorian Learning performance and learning management solutions, training, education and knowledge
assets can easily be developed and delivered on-demand in a timely manner to customers, sales, partners,
channels and resellers with no hardware to install.Our Software as a Service model only requires users to have
Internet access to complete their training. This delivery method allows maximum return on your training and
knowledge management investment by providing a functional, flexible, and scalable solution.

For additional information regarding this and other learning and development services offered by Adorian
Learning, please call us at 702-203-6031 or e-mail us at terry@adorianlearning.com