Renewable Energy


                            man installing solar                     solor and wind

Preparing the Workforce of the Future

The renewable energy industry globally, nationally, is in the midst of tremendous change. Significant growth in the renewable
energy sector has occurred in recent years, and forecasts show that this trend is likely to continue.

Skilled Workers Needed

Employers are expecting employees to have the competencies and requisite technical skills needed to perform their jobs especially
electrical and mechanical skills many employers are requiring technicians to advance their knowledge and skills using electronics,
as the use of computer-driven controls, networks and databases, diagnostic equipment and software is becoming more prevalent.
Many employers emphasis the need for increase knowledge in electronics and computer-based systems meant it is harder to find new
employees with experience using basic hand tools and instruments.

Adorian Learning workforce development training objectives are to increase the general employability skills including teamwork,
interpersonal communications, problem solving, and understanding the components of energy generation as a system. These  were
frequently identified by employers as essential for ensuring employee productivity, but also as a key safety factor.

Adorian Learning offers renewable training in the following areas:

• Solar System Installation
• Sustainable Building
• LIED Consultant
• Wind Power System Installer
• Power Grid Inspector
• Micro-Hydro Power System
• Solar PV Maintenance
• Solar Terminal
• Battery Back Up Systems
• Project Management

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