Assessment & Evalution

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Human Resource professionals are getting the opportunity today to be seated in the executive offices C-Suite of most corporation today because of the vital roll we now play in organizational assessments and evaluations. Adorian is an outsourced provider of Organizational Development and Talent Management services. Our independent advisory roll allows for our advisors to perform the independent analysis for senior management and not get caught up in personality issues and the politics of corporate silos.

In past human resources department’s have spent too many resources on post-training evaluations and not enough on per-training analysis. Organization should dedicate more time in determining the purpose of the training and asking respondents about the courses during the early stages to alter it based on their valuable feedback. In preparing your organizational assessments one of the first decisions will be to determine what it is you’re trying to measure. It is extremely important to conduct back-end evaluations, but the most important evaluation is the Front-end analysis and evaluation. The central question is “Where are we at presently in the organization in regards to staff talent and skills competencies. It is critically important today to determine the following.

  1.     Who needs to be trained to carry out corporate objectives and mission  ?
  2.     What are their current skills competencies of current workforce (bench strength)?
  3.     What key employees will be leaving the organization due to retirement ?
  4.     What is it that those people need to do better, more of, or differently than today?
  5.     What will the organization look like when this is achieved ?
  6.     What leads you to believe that training will help them achieve this?

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