Mobile e-Learning

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Applications on mobile devices have changed the way we interact with information and with the world in general.
There are apps for music, for social networking, for managing personal finance, and for almost anything you can
imagine. Apps are a great performance support (job aid) tool and we believe that they are changing the whole
training delivery paradigm in organizations worldwide. Adorian Corporation mobile eLearning instructional
designers  work with you to create custom apps for varied sets of devices/platforms like iPhone/iPad, Android,
Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows. The apps could be created as web apps or native apps depending on needs.

Mobile learning could be used for the below referenced solutions:

1. Activating knowledge before a classroom (or virtual classroom or even an eLearning session);

2. Summarizing (after one of those sessions – delivered soon after the session);

3. Recall (or reactivating knowledge – probably a week or two after the session. This ensures key concepts
are revisited and helps in transferring the new knowledge to long term memory.

4. Providing application opportunities (through pop quizzes or learning games on mobile);

5. Just-in-time search support by letting employees search in company’s knowledge databases (wikis, blogs,
forums)using their mobiles.

We believe mobile e learning has become a key component of the blended learning mix.

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