Non-Profit Management

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Adorian Learning nonprofit management blended training program are particularly well suited for you if you’ve
recently assumed management responsibilities in the nonprofit field, but it’s suitable for anyone who wants an
introductory perspective on some of the unique issues facing management of a nonprofit organization. In addition
to basic managerial skills, you’ll learn about finance and accounting, employment law, marketing, leadership,
communication, budgeting, and fundraising.

Additional Training & Development

• Management Development.
• Volunteers Development.
• Strategic Planning.
• Human Resource Management.
• Donor Management
• Sales & Marketing Management.

Performance Management

Performance Management is explained as a complete management process to plan, control, gain agreement, customer
focus, monitor, review, career plan and to improve on the job performance. Within the scope of our services we
will develop a system, which enables businesses to apply the linkages and become competent in each of:

• Business planning;
• Setting of performance objectives,
• Performance based Job Descriptions;
• Employee Appraisals;
• Continuous Improvement.

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