Recruitment & Retention


Young Executives

In these unprecedented times of organizational change as result of the current economic climate. Organizations are faced with the exit of many knowledgeable workers through retirement. The economic climate has also shifted the recruitment efforts of the newer and younger worker. Within many corporate organizations the human resources, professionals are busy also identifying ways to retain the key performers. There is a real balancing act  involved in the recruitment and retention of staff. in lieu of the uncertainty felt by many staff members of the viability of their companies, performance levels have decreased and this has had an overall affected corporate revenues.

It isn’t just younger or older people who want good jobs prevailing theories espousing a “generation gap. Research shows that everyone wants good pay, interesting work, opportunities to advance, ability to learn and be developed.  The workers today want to be supported, trusted; and respected. Managers face a demographic challenge as baby boomers retire, because the next generation numbers far fewer. Hence, leaders must strive to have people of different generations work together more effectively.However there are perceived differences among boomers and Gen Xers arising from “life-stage issues” such as starting a first job or forming families, rather than true generational distinctions. We need to understand and foster some harmony even with the differences we need to balance the generational needs in order to recruit and retain the best talent for our organizations.

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