Social Collabration


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Emerging social technologies promise to reinvent how people connect, collaborate, and learn in the workplace.
Yet navigating the landscape of tools, best practices, and technologies is challenging because everything is
changing so fast. Fortunately, talent leaders can take tangible and concrete steps today to begin augmenting
their current HR processes with emerging social tools, while retaining control to avoid the risks that external
social networks may pose.  Social Learning: Streamlines the entire hiring lifecycle from talent needs
assessment, requisition creation, and sourcing to candidate selection and on boarding Social collaboration
encourages new forms of learning, recruiting, networking, community and group development, and knowledge

Sharing and collaboration. Social collaboration enables you to:

Establish learning communities that promote knowledge sharing and collaboration in which learners can
share stories and best practices on what they have learned. Improve overall workforce performance and
time -to-productivity by getting new hires and transfers on-boarded and connected faster. Maximize the value
of emerging social technologies without the risk by leveraging internal tools that are within organizational

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