Organizational Analysis


Man and Brief Case

Analysis of an Organization’s Learning Climate

Aspects of Organizational Development

Analysis of an organization’s learning climate produces the fertilizer that helps an organization to grow.
Systemic analysis helps to identify constraints for growth of your organization and the people working for
it. It is an invitation for people to take interest in their organization. There is no blueprint for a
successful structure of an organization – and no generalized approach to organizational development. To a
great extent, communication structures in an organization mirror cultural patterns. How you react on the
patterns is up to you. But once you start to analyze your organization and involve your staff, you have to
tell them about the results, and listen to their comments. Then, it is up to the management to decide whether
they continue the path and become a learning organization or not. You might adopt only a few ideas of the
concept. But if you want to start a real process of change, you need the full support of your staff otherwise
it will inevitably fail. 

Adorian Learning, advisory team will work with your organization to conduct an analysis of the organization
culture through the use of analysis tools such as the following:

  •  SWOT Analysis
  •  Questionnaires for Satisfaction at the Workplace
  •  Scoping
  •  Organizational Timeline
  •  Analyze Change Drivers on Different Levels of Change

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