Scheduling & Optimization

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Complete and automated workforce scheduling is a significant component of strategic workforce management.
The scheduling of employees is both a dynamic and critical element of business planning. Scheduling and
Optimization gives you the ability to match qualified employees to the needs of each job at the best cost.
The automated scheduling engine uses configurable optimization rules and parameters to provide unlimited
flexibility to optimize the deployment and management of your workforce. By optimizing the fit of your
employees and contractors to expected workloads, you can control scheduling variations with ‘best practice’
templates that reflect you’re most efficient staffing models helping you to eliminate coverage gaps and
overstaffing issues while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Key capabilities of Scheduling and Optimization include:

Demand Forecasting: Scheduling and Optimization can import or interface to business data to map labor
scheduling needs to required output volume, effectively serving as a demand forecasting system.

Optimization of Scheduling: create optimum scheduling assignments based on demand, skills, pay rate,
employee and job preferences, overtime equalization and employee availability. Presents

Job assignments for all work segments for a range of schedule periods. The Schedule identifies when
employees are on overtime, working a position below their pay rate, not available to them or in excess of
their pay rate. The number of employees needed, qualified and available is easily identified and
essential job positions are highlighted.

Skills Management: Business rules within the system compare job assignments to required skills and
the employee certifications to ensure only qualified employees are scheduled to specific job assignments

Availability of Employees: Employees view their scheduled work assignments and meetings to schedule
by supervisors as well as manage their availability for time off.

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