June 1, 2013 – New Corporate Website

Adorian Learning announces new website launch. I would like to thank the website development team lead by Rachel Williams that did a fantastic job in the creation of the new look and feel of our new corporate website. We have introduced new corporate colors that will update the brand management of the site with the introduction of the color scheme utilizing blues, greys with the mix of black. With the increase in social media being utilized through the learning communities we have incorporated all of the major social media sites from Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and Twitter. Adorian Learning is posed to help its clients with the development and implementation of global talent management

April 2013 – IT Certification Training

Adorian Learning as a learning & development services company is in the development and roll out of a strategy to increase its delivery of IT Certification courses that will be offered by classroom delivery to the Denver High Technology community. Adorian Learning will be utilizing the Global Knowledge one of the nation’s most respected providers of IT Certifications courses. We will offer critically needed certification courses in cloud computing, virtualization, network security, infrastructure management. We will strengthen the knowledge of all the students undertaking the courses for certification for VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, Red Hat, and Oracle.

January to July 2012 – Organizational Development

Adorian Learning was retained for a six month corporate contract with Mission Critical Information (MCIS) for delivery of Organizational Development (OD) for the MCIS software company located here in Centennial Colorado. During the six month contract Adorian Learning brought sufficient improvements to MCIS in the areas of client training,  contract management, corporate agreements, project management, marketing materials and client management.

December 16, 2011 – Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN)

Terry Williams, Chief Learning Officer, for Adorian Corporation, will appeared on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) for an half-hour public television program. On the TBN show Mr. Williams will discussed Colorado Economic Development for one half the show and spend the remainder of the show discussing with the TBN host Dr.Sherry Jones and the television audience “How to start your own business” verses of waiting on the job recovery in this economy. Mr. Williams positive message was well placed to assured audience of the news of Colorado great breath of economic diversity that will help lead us out of the current downturn earlier.

 October 15, 2011 – Denver Colorado / Adorian Change of Business Strategy 

Adorian Corporation, CEO, Terry Williams announced today the rebranding and corporate focus change for Adorian Corporation. Mr. Williams announced today that the company as professional services corporation had performed well, as a global strategic business advisory services offering strategic business advisory that offered clients, private equity funding and trade and development services over the past few years, but he said that these markets are still contracted in the present economy. We are excited that we have found a winning combination and success in providing corporate training and development services says Mr. Williams. As we plan now for 2012 and the years to come, we therefore make the necessary changes in the corporate strategy and proceed forward with the offering of corporate training and development starting in Q4. 2011.

October 6, 2011 – Denver Colorado / Pinnacle Leadership Forum

Terry Williams, CEO for Adorian Corporation welcomed Mr. Steve Fedyski, President and CEO of Pinnacle Forum to Denver Colorado. Pinnacle Forum is a national leadership organization that was inspired by a vision of Mr. Bill Britt, before his death in 2003. Mr. Britt envisioned in cities all over the country, that influential leaders both men and women from the 7 Mountains of industry and commerce would meet regularly in small confidential called Pinnacle forums which would be made up of 8 to10 leaders. The forum group leaders meet on regular bases have the opportunity to strengthen each other and their resolve to change their cities and the cultural to which they influence and  lead. It was an incredible and inspiring meeting of 20 selected Leaders of Leaders, from the business community that came together at the Iverson Hotel in early morning of October 6, 2011.

October 4, 2011 – Denver Colorado / State of Colorado / Training & Development RFP

Adorian Corporation, CEO, Terry Williams, announced the contract bidding proposal was submitted today to the State of Colorado, for Adorian Corporation to consider for providing training and development for the State of Colorado, 30,000 employees. We are excited said Mr. Williams, to have recently moved our corporate headquarters to the Greater Denver Colorado business market. We are now willing and able to compete in this robust business market. No stranger to global competition with over 30 years of business experience. Mr. Williams, said not to compete, is just not in the cards. Forbes Magazine has ranked Denver CO, as one of the top cities in the country to do business in. Adorian Corporation, is a global provider of corporate training and development services.

September 30, 2011- State of Nevada / Public Health Division / Training & Development

Adorian Corporation, CEO, Terry Williams announced the completion of the contract with the State of Nevada Public Health Division. Adorian Corporation was contracted by Nevada State Public Health for the design of three Instructional design training modules for the State of Nevada agencies. The training modules, where completed on time and according to plan stated Terry Williams, CEO and Chief Learning Officer for Adorian Corporation. The modules required extensive research on the following topics: Childhood Obesity, Coordinated School Health and the Relationship Between and Academics.


September 9, 2011 – Denver Colorado / Greater Chamber of Commerce

Adorian Corporation, CEO, Terry Williams was a guest of Richards Financial Group at his table at the Greater Chamber of Commerce awards luncheon held at the Hyatt Hotel in Denver Colorado. What a great privilege and honor it was to meet some of the great leaders of higher education, business and government at the luncheon.

August 17, 2011 – Denver Colorado / Mayors State of Denver Address

Adorian Corporation, CEO, Terry Williams was privileged to meet the Honorable Mayor Michael Hancock and his wife at the State of Denver luncheon held at the Sewell Theatre, in Denver on August 17, 2011. Mr. Williams had the opportunity to meet many of the Denver elite business leaders at this luncheon from banking, higher education, economic development and from the non-profit sector. The uniqueness of this meeting said Mr. Williams, was to realize the wide breath of business diversification, that exists here in Denver Colorado. This is really refreshing insight that was felt by Mr. Williams, in meeting the business community for the first time since moving his family and both of his businesses to the Denver Colorado area in July 2011.

August 16, 2011 – Denver Colorado / US Department of Commerce    

Adorian Corporation, CEO, Terry Williams met with Mr. Paul Bergman, Regional Director, Colorado Export Assistance Center, which is a part of the US Department of Commerce. The Colorado Export Assistance Centers has outstanding programs and staff to assist United States based businesses that have a desire to conduct business worldwide. These outstanding programs, along with Paul’s staff greatly assist any regional business with programs that include trade assistance and consulting services. The meeting with Paul was excellent, as we spoke about mutual friends and colleagues around the world that we both knew through the US Department of Commerce.

 August 12, 2011 – Denver Colorado / World Trade Center Organization  

Adorian Corporation, CEO, Terry Williams met with World Trade Center- Denver Colorado on August 12, 2011. The meeting was excellent in gaining a better understanding of the current export business opportunities that are available through the World Trade organization. The Denver World Center organization has some excellent educational and training programs for Denver based companies, that wish to learn more on how to export trade and business operations worldwide.

June 15, 2011 – Denver Colorado / Corporate Registration / State of Colorado

Adorian Corporation, CEO Terry Williams announced that on June 15, 2011, that the State of Colorado has accepted the corporate registration of Adorian Corporation as a new foreign registered corporation. Mr. Williams was excited that we had completed the corporate move to the Greater Denver area. The move says Mr. Williams was predicated on  the need to move the company to a more progressive and economically diversified business market verses the  State of Nevada were the company was originally headquartered and conducted business.

January 14, 2011 – Carson City, NV / State of Nevada, Contract Awarded, $1,332,000

Adorian Corporation was awarded a major victory today by the State of Nevada to become one of the State of Nevada, Training and Development providers under a contract that was awarded to the company under a master  services agreement. The contact award is for $1,332,000 over a four year contact period. Terry Williams, CEO and Chief Learning Officer was ecstatic after the many years of struggle and hardship following the decline of the United States economy following in the wake of the national recession that started in June 2007.