Learning Management System

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Adorian Learning, is pleased to offer our worldwide clients the training industries leading Talent Management
Solution provider SumTotal Systems, Inc. SumTotal is the global leader in strategic human capital management (HCM)
solutions that provide organizations with a new level of visibility to help make more informed business decisions and
accelerate growth. Recognized by industry analysts as the most complete solution, SumTotal provides full employee
lifecycle management. The SumTotal learning management platform, greatly improves corporate business intelligence.

SumTotal  has over 43 million users and 3,400 worldwide corporate clients that utilize their Learning Management
System, The Maestro LMS provides advanced functionality for achieving higher employee productivity with unified talent
development. In addition to helping you align employee goals with business objectives, the solution also enables you to
increase employee engagement through actionable career development. With Learning Management,you can proactively fill
the skills gaps identified during performance reviews, so you can retain your valuable talent by offering a clear path
for career growth with targeted training programs.

Unlike other solutions that simply serve the needs of training administrators,employees or managers,the SumTotal System
Learning Management offers many unique capabilities to simplify learning management for all users, regardless of their
roles. The SumTotal Learning Management System, can also be integrated utilizing HRIS and Single Sign-on, to work with your
existing HR processes and curriculum workflows even as your business complexity increases. As a result, your learning
initiatives seamlessly scale with company growth while consistently achieving faster time-to-value.

Sub-Learning Center

Adorian Learning, offers our valuable clients a cost effective LMS, called the Sub-Learn Center. Our Sub-Learn Center,
provides our clients with the ability to leverage our licensed LMS to the fullest extent of the LMS features and benefits
without entering into long term agreements and complicated software and hardware installations. The Sub-Learn Center
allows for the creation of an e-learning portal that can be branded to look and feel, as your very own corporate e-learning
portal. The Sub-Learn Center, has sixteen different portal designs and configurations to choose from. This will also enable
you to create, manage and customize your corporate learning portal with corporate branding along with the ability to create
course content to your business needs and also seamlessly propagate popular off-the-shelf content that we offer. Furthermore,
Sub-Learn Center lets you unlock knowledge within your organization using proven, collaborative Web 2.0 learning solutions.
And deliver just-in-time learning to your mobile workforce—anytime, anywhere. Combined, these powerful capabilities give you
the power and simplicity you need for rapid deployment of your learning programs.

For more information please call us at 702-203-6031 or 888-258-1537 or send e-mail to terry@adorianlearning.com